About Us 

Thistledown Creations is creative enterprise for children’s handmade clothing, blankets, quilts, accessories and costumes. The designs, colours and fabric are bright playful and very easy to wear and maintain. The fabrics are of cotton, minkee (a very soft, plush polyester) and polyurethane laminated film (PUL).

Our line of clothing include: jackets for spring and fall, raincoats, sleepwear, costumes for play and Halloween. They are all handmade by myself, Barb Thistle. They are child friendly, so that they can easily be taken off and on. When given the opportunity, we will purchase fabric where the proceeds sponsor a charity.

My family contributes their time and expertise too. My eldest son is the accountant, his wife our marketing expert and their children are our models with their ideas of quality control. My youngest son is my computer expert, with his wife being our advertising designer. My husband has been the silent backer at present.